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Storytelling Through Sound

Audrey McKinnon has told a broad range of stories through sound as a former CBC Radio host, reporter, and associate producer. She holds a Diploma in Journalism from Langara College, and approaches character-centred narrative storytelling through a compassionate lens.

Audrey has interviewed thousands of people in her years as a journalist and storyteller. She has been producing ready-for-air content since 2012.

Chart-Topping Glitch Hop Transcends Social Isolation

Kyle Brochu woke up one day to find one of his music sets topping the charts for the glitch hop genre. As an autistic person, he finds creating and sharing music transcends his past experiences of social isolation. This story weaves together Kyle's understanding of himself and the music he has created to find comfort and connection with others.

Chart-Topping Glitch Hop Transcends Social IsolationAudrey McKinnon
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Meet Jim Good

Jim Good has collected native plants and seeds from across Canada over the course of several decades. He has planted them in his backyard, which now goes by the name Goodsir Nature Park. Jim's plant collection represents his journey through adversity after growing up labeled by teachers a "slow learner" with a special interest in botany that set him apart in other ways.

Meet Jim GoodAudrey McKinnon
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As part of the Harvest series led by CBC's Carolina de Ryk, Audrey McKinnon introduces listeners to a small family of three generations as they collect firewood together on one fall afternoon in northern B.C.

Timber! Audrey McKinnon
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